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All of our cartridges are filled with 200mg of CBD. Each cartridge contains 1ml of liquid and is sure to leave you coming back for more!


Effects: Relaxed, Happy

Strength: 200mg


For best results: Use low voltage and do not head above 400 degrees.


MSRP : $22

% Margin Based On MSRP: 144%

GoGreen Hemp CBD 200mg Pre-Filled Blueberry OG Cartridge

  • Ingredients: MCT, CBD Hemp Extract, Food Grade Terpene Blend

    Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted 

    Medical: Lack Of Appetite, Pain, Stress, Insomnia   

    Strength: 200mg

    Strain Properties: Indica 

  • Dosing while vaping has many variables such as draw strength, wattage, device used, and many more. We typically recommend about 20 draws daily to get your recommended daily amount. However it will vary by the variables mentioned above. 

    Compatible with all generic 510 thread batteries (battery not included) 

    For best results: Use low voltage and do not heat above 400 degrees. 



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