Our balm was formulated to calm swelling and ease irritation during and after your tattooing. No matter how big or small your new ink project is, our GoGreen Hemp Tattoo after care balm will aid in the recovery of your skin, while letting your tattoo "breathe".

The balm is natural and contains all of the vital ingredients your skin needs for hydration, protection and nourishment.



250mg : $25


% Margin Based On MSRP:

250mg : 177%

GoGreen Hemp CBD Tattoo After Care Balm 250mg

  • MCT, Beeswax, CBD

    Coconut Oil – Softening, protecting and anti-bacterial 

    Beeswax – Protective barrier to lock in moisture, but is also an anti-bacterial

    CBD Extract – rich in cannabinoids, phytonutrients, amino-acids, omega 3&6, lipids and more than 70 other compounds. Various properties to help aid the recovery process. 


  • Suggested Use:

    Use 24-48 hours after tattooing. Apply a thin layer to your newly tattooed area to keep it moisturized.

    • Can be used while stencilling, tattooing and after-care


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