CBD Infused Watermelon Cubes 25mg | 20 Count (500mg)

CBD Infused Watermelon Cubes 25mg | 20 Count (500mg)


Our CBD Infused Watermelon Cubes are the perfect on-the-go edible for daily use. These cubes are infused with 25mg of our broad-spectrum CBD, and always contain no traces of THC. 


Like all of our edibles, our CBD cubes are infused for consistent dosage each and every time. These delicious and effective watermelon cubes are exactly what you need to get you through even the toughest days! Come see for yourself why these delicious and effective cubes are a must to any daily routine. 


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Servings: 20 Count Per Container

Strength: 25mg Per Cube

Product Life: 24-month shelf-stable


  • Manufactured In The USA 
  • Infused For Consistent Potency
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Tasty Profile 
  • THC-Free